Turning Relationships Into Partnerships

Sales Edge is partnering with vendors to support their products in the customer’s home.

We Are Better
Faster and
More Economical

Sales Edge has on-staff representation in our regional coverage of 24 states.

We are utterly trusted and extensions of our clients in both their customer’s home and their retail facilities.


Experiencing exponential growth or re-thinking your point of sale to better complete in today’s environment?

Sales Edge offers a full range of retail interior construction, retro-fit, and store re-model services.


Sales Edge is a B2B vendor services company specializing in product support services, at home warranty, new store sets, reset, relocations, cut-ins, POG changes, merchandising campaigns, and promotional tie-ins.


Founded in 1993, Sales Edge has been delivering these services to strong retailers such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, and Dollar General.

Speed.   Accuracy.   Adaptability.   Reliability.

I am just taking a moment to express my gratitude for the great service our rep. Kim Beasley provides. She is always willing to go the extra mile with our customers and us as well. Today she even helped with what amounted to a reset of some of our product. She has been a great help when there is just one of us in the millwork department, fielding calls, assisting customers, all in a very professional manor.  She is a great asset .

Stephen Crawford

Associate, Lowe's Hardware

Meet Some of Our People

Steven Plank

Steven Plank


I have 30+ years of DIY experience; ever since I became a homeowner. As a Sales Edge Representative, I love being in a new location on a daily basis & being able to assist customers that I may have contact with.  I currently have a kayaking group that I have organized with over 500 members.… [read more]

Chris Green

Chris Green

North Carolina

I have thirty-five years of experience in DIY with fifteen years with Sales Edge.  I am a youth counselor with church.  I enjoy helping customers who need it the most.  I farm a small amount for tomatoes and other veggies.

Sioban Robinson

Sioban Robinson


Majority of my DIY experience began when I was employed by Sales Edge 16 years ago.  What I enjoy about this position is the opportunity to help customers in this retail environment. Inform and train the specialist in the millwork department and learn a few things along the way myself.

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