Our PeopleGail Maffett

Our PeopleGail Maffett

I have more years of experience in DIY than Anakin Skywalker was Darth Vader.  I’ve worked with Habitats for Humanities and as an animal rehabilitator for the Wildlife Center of Virginia.  I’ve trained as a human and animal tracker and horticulturist, rock climbed, caved, and hiked the Appalachian Trail.  I volunteer with the Sangerville Tower Ruritans, assisting with raising money to help local farmers and those in need in the community.  As an employee of Sales Edge, I find it greatly rewarding to work with Lowe’s employees, providing them the extra help they need in the department for which they are always grateful, ensuring that customers are happy with the Lowe’s Millwork brands – and helping them realize they too can DIY.

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