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Jacob Rhoads

Associate at Lowe's

I am writing this email to express how much of a valuable asset Sam Shannon is as my Sales Edge Rep. I have only have been in my stores Millwork department for about 8 months, but in that time I have learned so much about the product that we sell here. Most of my knowledge has been from Sam Shannon. Whenever he would come into our store I wouldn’t hesitate to ask him all the questions that I may have had between the times that he came into our store. He would always respond with great precision and in ways that I could understand and retain what he was saying. I have never been so comfortable talking to one of our reps as I am with Sam Shannon. Every time he comes into the store I feel more comfortable talking to customers because I know if I have a tough question that I can’t quite answer, Sam will be there.

I will always remember and continue to appreciate all the past lessons and future lessons that Sam has taught me and will teach me. I have the utmost respect for Sam Shannon and I look forward to the next time he visits.

Karen Bellman

Associate at Lowe's

I wanted to let you know that Greg Thomas is a wonderful vendor. He always has the time to talk to me and explain the product to me. He was just here and installed the plugs in the door frame and installed weather stripping. He also did touch up painting on the door. He is very diligent, and a caring young man. I have enjoyed having him to rely on during the installation of my French doors. It has been a pleasure working with him. Thank you for hiring a caring and personable young man like him.

Jonathan Hannold

Service Manager at Lowe's of Jacksonville NC

I wish to commend your sales rep Scott Catlette, for his service to our store throughout the years, he has helped us with countless complaints, warranty issues, product training, store displays, and other issues, all while being professional and courteous. He is a great asset to your company as well as to ours.

Stephen Crawford

Associate at Lowe's

I am just taking a moment to express my gratitude for the great service our rep. Kim Beasley provides. She is always willing to go the extra mile with our customers and us as well. Today she even helped with what amounted to a reset of some of our product. She has been a great help when there is just one of us in the millwork department, fielding calls, assisting customers, all in a very professional manor.  She is a great asset.

Amanda Truex

Associate at Lowe's

Shelly is so helpful and nice. She’s always willing to answer our questions, and sometimes the answer takes awhile for her to find, but she never gives up! Good job to her!

Elizabeth Cooley

Associate at Lowe's

I just wanted to say thank you to Randall McCurry with Sales Edge for going the extra mile to help me with a customer satisfaction issue. Sometimes, I don’t think we give these guys enough credit. It’s a tough job and I just wanted to say thank you.

Nathan Shapiro

Associate at Lowe’s of Conyers GA

While I’m emailing you, I wanted to make sure to give kudos to my Sales Edge Rep Sharol Hampton. She is wonderful, and she takes great care of us here, and is a big help

Mike Rulapaugh

Assistant Store Manager at Lowe’s of Lincolnton NC

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the efforts of one of your associates.

Greg Thomas was in my store today…  alone…  I am at the moment, operating with only one Specialist in Millwork.  Greg, as he often does, became my surrogate specialist today, until my closer came in at 1:00.  Greg is amazing with customers, and professional in the way he represents your organization and Lowe’s.

Please pass on my appreciation for a job well done.

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